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Use of Internet by Pupils

As part of the Government National Grid for Learning Scheme and to support learning opportunities within the school, your child/children will at appropriate times be given access to the Internet as an information source, a communications tool and a publishing medium.

The Internet is fast becoming a major source of educationally useful material and the primary distribution medium for a wide range of organisations. The potential to support the classroom teacher and the learner is significant and will continue to grow.

There are well publicised concerns regarding access to material on the internet that would be unsuitable for school pupils. Whilst it is impossible to ensure that a pupil will not access such material, the school in liaison with Trafford Local Authority, is taking all reasonable steps to minimise a pupil’s access to unsuitable material.
These include:

  • Use of a filtered Internet Service to prevent access to internet sites with undesirable material;
  • The requirement that wherever possible, all Internet access during school hours will be supervised by a member of staff or another responsible adult;
  • Education of pupils as to the potential legal consequences of accessing certain types of materials.

Click on the link below for a copy of the parent’s leaflet, which we would ask you to read and discuss with your child in a way you feel appropriate to their age and understanding.

MOMO - What Parents/Guardians need to know.

Internet Safety Leaflet

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